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      Coal Mine Fire Suppression & Prevention Client Testimonials

      Skyline Mine, October 2002

      At 11:30 on a Friday night Alden Ozment, the owner of US Foam, received an emergency call from the Mine officials at the Skyline Mine in Utah. After a series of questions and answers had been exchanged Alden assured the Mine officials that the engineers at U.S. Foam would find a solution to their problem.

      Throughout the night Alden and his top engineers worked and calculated the needs and requirements and came up with a concept that would provide a viable solution and suppression of the mine fire. After only 24 hours of operation of the “Hellfighter” the operators reported that THE MINE FIRE WAS OUT! Doug Johnson of Skyline sent us this grateful message the next day:

      “…The fire is out ...the 24 hour hotline was a God-send.”-Doug Johnson, Skyline

      Contact USF

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