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      Coal Mine Fire Supression (Hellfighter)

      USF Equipment & Services is the only company to hold the patented technology for using specially formulated fire foam, nitrogen, chillers and Hellfighter system to put out mine fires.

      We have numerous proven successes - from the NIOSH Lake Lynn laboratories to real life active coal mine fires. Other companies, both large and small, may claim to have the experience, research and testing; but in the end only USF Equipment & Services can make that claim. We are also the only ones that have proven our system at NIOSH labs and the only ones to hold the patent on such technology.

      Coal mine fires are particularly challenging to put out for numerous reasons. While digging out a fire may work for small underground fires, once a fire has spread underground it can be impossible to put out. Accessing the fire safely is always a risk in underground fires and the amount of available fuel (the coal itself) and a constant supply of oxygen will continually feed an underground coal mine fire for years on end. After analyzing all available options for fighting coal mine fires, US Foam developed a method for effectively smothering coal mine fires and this method has been used to great success.

      Contact USF

      800 E Cotton Street
      Longview, Texas 75602

      (903) 241-6210