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      About USF Firefighting Equipment & Services

      USF Equipment & Services was originally part of U.S. Foam Technologies. USF Equipment & Services was founded so it could focus solely on coal mine fires and mine fire technology. U.S. Foam has the only patented technology in the coal mine fire industry that has also been proven and tested.

      U.S. Foam Technologies and USF Equipment & Services are still integral parts to each other. U.S. Foam Technologies is providing the Mine Fire Fighting Foam (MFFF) to USF Equipment & Services. USF Equipment & Services is now focused on both active and abandoned coal mine fires, while also providing coal mine fire safety education/consulting and mine fire research & development.

      US Foam also associates with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for mining safety and health research, as well as the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

      U.S. Foam uses the Hellfighter system to combat mine fire. Using the Hellfighter system, we were able to create foam that looks like shaving cream by combining mine firefighting foams as well as nitrogen gas at a specific temperature. When the foam is used at the right temperature and pressure, it is able to suppress mine fires.

      Coal Mine Fires

      We have successfully created and patented a system that is specifically formulated to put out dangerous coal mine fires. Coal mine fires can easily spread and cause extreme damage when not addressed in a proper manner. We provide various products that help to eliminate these fires quickly and effectively.

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      Client Testimonials

      We pride ourselves in providing top level customer support as well as timely responses to our client requests. We help many companies save lives and provide a safer coal mine working environment. Learn what others have to say about us.

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      Success Stories

      Various case studies and success stories have come in from companies that are using our products nationwide to extinguish coal mine fires. Our clients include companies like Skyline Mine, West Elk Mine and Buchannan Mine.

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      Contact USF

      800 E Cotton Street
      Longview, Texas 75602

      (903) 241-6210