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      Coal Mine Fire Suppression Success Stories

      US Foam has achieved several successes in extinguishing coal mine fires. The following is a list of our successes with certain fires highlighted:

      • San Juan de Sabinas (2006) - This event was a humanitarian effort in which we traveled to San Juan de Sabinas, Mexico. We had cooperated with Grupo Mexico and MSHA through special permission to enter Mexico.
      • Excel #3 (2004)- At a mine in Pikeville, KY we were called upon to help extinguish a mine fire there. We were able to contain and extinguish the mine fire in approximately 72 hours.
      • Skyline Mine #3 (2001)- In Schofield, UT there was a mine fire that had started. We were able to extinguish the fire within 24 hours after it had started.
      • West Elk Mine (2005)- At a mine site in Paonia, CO there was a fire raging and we were called to assist the miners there. We were working on site in an effort to contain and then extinguish the fire, in which we were successful.

      Full list of success stories:

      • Excell #3, 2004, Pikeville, KY
      • NIOSH, Lake Lynn Lab Test, 2004, Morgantown, WV
      • Buchannan Mine, 2005, Richlands, VA
      • West Elk, 2005-2006, Somerset, CO
      • Alma #1, 2006, Melville, WV
      • Buchannan Mine, 2007, Richlands, WV
      • Pasta De Conchos, 2007, Piedras Negra, Mexico
      • Buchannan Mine, 2007-2008, Richlands, VA
      • NIOSH, Lake Lynn Lab Test, 2008, Morgantown, WV
      • 20 Mile Mine, 2008-2009, Steamboat Springs, CO

      Contact USF

      800 E Cotton Street
      Longview, Texas 75602

      (903) 241-6210