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      Class AB Firefighting Foam

      AB Foam

      AB FoamA/B Foam Solution is multipurpose firefighting foam for a wide range of Class B flammable liquid hazards. US-FC-FS is a synthetic film forming foam, designed for protection of hydrocarbon flammable liquids. When used at 3%, with water and foam generating equipment, A/B Foam Solution is converted into a vapor blanketing foam that supplies smothering and securing abilities.

      Class “A” 0.1-1.0%: The chemical balance in US-FC-FS reduces the surface tension of water, which increases the penetrating and wetting abilities of the water, alternatively making the water supply five times more effective than untreated water. US-FC-FS superior foaming ability provides firefighters protection from exposure and the ability to lay down fire breaks in wild land fire situations. US-FC-FS is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive nor harmful to the environment.

      Recommended Applications:

      A/B Foam Solution can be used with standard foam equipment with fresh, sea, and even brackish water. The most common hardware used for this application is self-educting foam nozzles and foam nozzles with inline eductors. In addition, A/B Foam Solution can be distributed efficiently through non-aspirating equipment including fog nozzles, water spray devices and standard sprinklers. Also, A/B Foam Solution can be used on fires concurrently with dry chemical firefighting agents because the two components are compatible.

      A/B Foam Solution is recommended for use in a variety of firefighting foam application devices such as foam chambers, forcing foam makers and aspirating foam nozzles. Also, practical applications have been confirmed in a number of discharge devices such as non-aspirating sprinklers, water spray nozzles and water/fog nozzles.

      Typical Properties:

      • Nominal Use Concentration: 3% on Hydrocarbons
      • Specific Gravity @77°F (25°C): 1.02
      • Density: 8.5lbs./gal.
      • Viscosity @77°F (25°C): centistokes** 1.8
      • Viscosity @40°F (4.4°C): centistokes** 3.1
      • Minimum Use Temperature: 35°F (1.7°C)
      • Storage Temperature: 35°F-120°F (1.7°C-49°C)
      • Freeze Point: 25°F (-4°C)
      • pH @ 77°F (25°C): 7.5-8
      • Appearance: Amber liquid


      • Aqueous Film Formations: A/B Foam Solution is like all U.S. Foam Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Concentrates, in that it possesses the ability to form an aqueous film which flows quickly over water-insoluble hydrocarbon fuel surfaces causing rapid extinguishment and vapor suppression.
      • Positive fire suppression and vapor control.
      • Proportions Readily: Permits use in a wide range or proportioning equipment.
      • Solution Stability: Solutions of US-FC-FS do not present “transit time” limitations through handlines or in fixed systems.

      Environmental Impact:

      A/B Foam Solution concentrates are all tested to observe their impact on the environment. U.S. Foam products are low in toxicity to tested aquatic organisms; and observations show that aquatic life is not harmfully affected when products are used and disposed of properly. U.S. Foam products can be successfully treated in biological waste water treatment systems. (Toxicity information is available from Product Environmental Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets and Toxicity Summary sheets for individual products). (Request Product Environmental Data sheets and Disposal Recommendations from a U.S. Foam representative).


      U.S. Foam A/B Foam Solutions may be stored in its shipping container without altering any physical or chemical characteristics, and it doesn’t show substantial sedimentation or precipitation in storage or after temperature cycling. Freezing and thawing have no effect on performance and the concentration proportion ordinary equipment at temperatures above 32°F. Freeze-thaw cycling may cause some slight stratification which may be overcome with moderate agitation. Premix solutions in fresh water may be stored long term for ready use at temperatures above freezing.

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