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      Coal Mine Firefighting Foam & Systems

      U.S. Foam, as a successful company in fighting coal mine fires, understands that coal mine investors and management are looking for a product to cease mine fires fast and with little interruption. We also understand that while the mine is ineffective, it is inadvertently causing mine owners to lose money in production, bad publicity and environmental concerns/damage.

      If you choose to go with USF Equipment & Service, we can guarantee we will get the mine fire out as fast as we can with little to no damage to your equipment or the environment.


      The Hellfighter system has proven effective in numerous coal mine fires across the world. The Hellfighter system is designed to withstand extreme environment conditions as low as -15 F and as high as 125 F. It can be shipped by truck, ship or aircraft – enabling us to get it to your mine as quickly as possible.

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      Nitrogen Generators

      Nitrogen Generators are a key part of the Hellfighter System. We will provide on-site nitrogen producing systems (NPU) to meet all of the requirements needed for extinguishing your coal mine fire.

      View Nitrogen Generators

      Sentinel Series

      The Sentinel Series has several options to address your coal mine fire needs. Choose from the Sentinel 3, Sentinel 30, Sentinel 60 or Sentinel 120. Each Sentinel system is easy to use, highly mobile and an extremely efficient self-contained fire-fighting system.

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      Mine Fire Fighting Foam ( MFFF)

      MFFF is a specially designed fire suppressant that was created to fight intense fires in coal mines. MFF uses a durable chemical composition that adheres to the fuel and resists heat for an extended period of time. MFFF intensifies the penetration and wetting of pre-existing water for greater fire suppression.

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      Coal Mine Fire Fighting Foam ( C-MFFF)

      Similar to MFFF, C-MFFF also works to fight intense coal mine fires using a durable chemical composition that adheres to fuel and resists heat for extended periods of time. C-MFFF is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and not harmful to the environment.

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      VMAC Series

      The VMAC Series is made up of the VR70 and the VR140. Each system consist of compressor air, an air receiver tank, heat exchanger and throttle control and is an integral part of the Hellfighter system.

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