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      C-MFFF Coal Mine Firefighting Foam

      C-MFFF is a chemically distinctive and exclusive fire suppressant designed to fight intense fires in coal mines by the use of a durable chemical composition. The substance adheres to the fuel and can resist heat for extended periods of time, while simultaneously applying high compression drivers to distribute foam to all the spaces and holes where the fire has spread. C-MFFF intensifies the penetration and wetting characteristics of the pre-existing water permitting for greater fire suppression. C-MFFF is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive, and is not harmful to the environment.

      Recommended Application Rates:

      C-MFFF is approved for use in the SENTINEL systems.

      2% ratio recommended for Surface and sub-surface coal mines.

      (These proportioning ratios are recommended. Rates may vary depending on the quality of foam blanket desired.)

      Physical Properties:

      • Proportioning Ratio: 2.0%
      • Specific Gravity: 1.03
      • pH: 7-8
      • Viscosity: 1.15
      • Shipping Specifications: 5 gal pails (19 Liters) 55 gal drums (209 Liters)
      • Storage Temp.: 32 – 122°°F
      • Shelf Life: When properly maintained in the original (or approved) container and stored within the recommended range, a shelf life of 25 years can be expected. If freezing does occur, thawing will render the product completely serviceable.


      -This product DOES NOT contain any reportable agents under SARA TITLE III, Section 313.


      -Meets MSHA Requirements.

      -This product meets NFPA 11, 11A, and 1150 requirements.

      Contact USF

      800 E Cotton Street
      Longview, Texas 75602

      (903) 241-6210