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      Case Studies

      US Foam has several successful case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of our coal mine fire-fighting systems.

      Lake Lynn Laboratories

      (2007) – NIOSH testing of the new Hellblaster system is planned. USFE&S will be working closely with NIOSH to take various measurements and temperature readings to determine the full effectiveness of the jet engine inert exhaust gases compared to the use of our nitrogen generator units.

      Lake Lynn Laboratories

      (2006) – NIOSH, MSHA, and USFE&S tested the new line of Sentinel self-contained, stored energy Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) with C-MFFF (special mine fire foam). We also compared the use of water and dry chemical systems on the same fire structure. NIOSH has released a white paper revealing the huge potential the Sentinel CAFS […]

      Southern West Virginia Technical College

      (2006) – Carl Baisden- Director of Mine Training & Energy Technologies has been working with faculty and students on the use and effectiveness of the Sentinel CAFS and Thermal Imaging Systems during the initial attack on underground mine fire. Mr. Baisden also works as an advocate of our Sentinel line of equipment and helps oversee […]

      Aracoma Alma Coal Mine – Firefighting Foam

      (Melville, WV in 2006) – The Aracoma Alma Mine accident occurred when a conveyor belt in the Aracoma Alma Mine No. 1 at Melville in Logan County, West Virginia caught fire. The conveyor belt ignited on the morning of January 19, 2006,, pouring smoke through the gaps in the wall and into the fresh air […]

      Sago Mine

      (Sago, WV in 2006) – The Sago Mine Disaster was a coal mine explosion on January 2, 2006 in the Sago Mine in Sago, West Virginia, USA near the Upshur County Seat of Buckhannon, West Virginia. The blast and ensuing aftermath trapped thirteen miners for nearly 2 days and only one miner survived. It was […]

      Corporate Headquarters

      (2005) – We worked with NIOSH at our Research and Development location to demonstrate the initial effectiveness of DuraFoam remote mine seal technology. This ventilation control system promises to enhance mine fire suppression by controlling air flow and isolating problem areas. We will be taking the finalized product to the Lake Lynn NIOSH facility sometime […]

      Lake Lynn Laboratories

      (2003) – We took the Hellfighter system to the Lake Lynn Laboratory for testing by NIOSH officials. Our system, after some initial adjustments, was simply amazing in both the time it took to cool a smoldering gob and efficiency in which it filled the mineshaft. A white paper was released by NIOSH on this system. […]

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