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      US Foam has several patents for the use of foam in firefighting, both for the method and the apparatus used.

      US 7,096,965 B2-The Hellfighter

      The system in which nitrogen gas and mine firefighting foam are combined into a precisely controlled mixture at a specific temperature to create foam that has the consistency of shaving cream. It is this precision of gas, foam, down shaft pressures and temperature that creates inert foam capable of putting out a mine fire. View our Patent

      Our Additional Patents Include:

      Ozment, A., U.S. Patent 7,104,336, September 12, 2006
      Method for Fighting Fire in Confined Areas Using Nitrogen Expanded Foam

      Ozment, A., U.S. Patent 7,334,644, February 26, 2008
      Method for Foaming a Barrier

      Ozment, A., U.S. Patent 7,464,992, December 16, 2008
      Method for Foaming a Barrier

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      (800) 595-FOAM (3626)